How can I register for the Giro?

Simply fill in the form and we get in touch with you by e-mail and/or phone call. Another option is to e-mail us or call us directly on the given contact details.

What if I cannot join the Giro last minute (have to cancel) ?

30 days in advance, full refund
29-15 days before the giro starts, 50%
14 or less days before the Giro start, non-refundable

Please note that the payments need to be made by bank transfer. Full security for you and for us.

What do I need to bring with to Catalonia?

Clothes (cycling and leisure). cycling gloves. EHIC health insurance pass. The organizer is not responsible for any material and/or physical damage, 

Are there any discounts possible?

Yes, if you take your own bicycle with you then there is a discount of 100,- Euro per person.
Also, when you come with a group of at least 5 people there is a 5% discount (6% for 6p., 7% for 7p, 8% for 8p, 9% for 9p. and 10% for 10 and more people).
Non-cyclist family members and/or friends can also join the Giro d'Catalonia for 100,- Euro discount per person.
Last, but certainly not least there is the sustainable tourism discount.
If you come to Catalonia by train or bus then you receive another 5% discount.
Please note that the discounts are stackable. Meaning that if you come with your own bike, in a group of at least 10 people and you come to Catalonia by train, the price of the early bird goes from 749,- Euro to 649,- Euro, then to 584,10 Euro and then even to 554,89 Euro. Meaning almost 200 Euro off!