7 challenging stages. From Catalan flat roads to mountainous terrain. Everything is included. The contenders of the Sammareta Blava can fight our their battles on the slopes of challenging hills like the Coll d'Bonastre, Coll d'Arca, Tibidabo, Coll de Santa Helena and many others. The 'sprinters' get their chances at the end of the stages in order to win the amazing Sammareta Taronja. Yes, you can take the jersey home if you win it!

Saturday 4/5. Stage 1: Mountain time trial: Platja de Roda-Coll d'Bonastre. 15km, 312m^ Coll d'Bonastre 3rd cat.

Sunday 5/5. Stage 2: Calafell-Tarragona-Calafell. 81.6km, 641m^. Turó de la Catedral 4th cat.

Monday 6/5. Stage 3: Calafell-Coll d'Arca-Calafell. 133.4km,  2022m^.  Coll d'Arca 2nd cat. La Talaia 3rd cat. Coll d'Font-Rubi 3rd cat.

Tuesday 7/5. Stage 4: Calafell-Sitges-Calafell. 74.2km, 376m^. Alt d'Bosc d'Marc Soler 4th cat.

Wednesday 8/5. Stage 5: Calafell-Barcelona. 133.5km, 2452m^. Alt d'Clariana 4th cat. Coll de Can Grau 3rd cat. Rat Penat oest 3rd cat.                                                                                                 Estret d'Roques 4th cat. Coll de Santa Creu d'Olorda 2nd cat. Tibidabo 4th cat. Montjuic 4th cat.

Thursday 9/5. Stage 6: Calafell-Montblanc-Calafell. 137.2km, 1731m^. Coll d'Santa Cristina 4th cat. Alto Cabra d'Camp 4th cat.                                                                                                                     Coll del Benet 4th cat.

Friday 10/5. Stage 7: Queen's Stage! Vic-Hostalric. 112.9km, 2184m^. Coll Formic 2nd cat. Coll de Santa Helena 1st cat. Els Castellets 3rd cat.                                                                                               Cortals del Mig 3rd cat. Hostalric castell 4th cat.

How do the points work? Quite simple. For the 4th cat climbs the fastest rider gets 1 point. For the 3rd cat. it's 1st=2p. 2nd= 1p. 2nd cat.= 4, 3, 2, 1 points. For the toughest climb, the Coll de Santa Helena it's 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points.  The rider with the highest amount of points wins the Sammareta Blava! The fastest climber also win the GC.

For stages 2-7 there is also a sprint classification. For the final sprint there are 3, 2 and 1 points to be won. In case that the fastest climber is also the fastest sprinter, the nr 2 on the sprinters classification will win the Sammareta Taronja. 

Important information: We will ride the stages en group. Only on the categorized climbs it is as fast as you can go.

Please note that the roads are not closed for traffic and thus we strictly advice you to stick to the traffic rules.