The lodging takes place in either 3/4* hotel, apartment or 4* campingbungalow. Depending on the size of the group we contracted different options so that you can spend the week with your (cycling) friends/family. We take care of mueslibars, fruits, breakfast, small lunch and a daily menu at the end of the ride. Later, when we are back you can watch the real professionals on the TV from the comfort of your couch.

Road bikes

The race includes the rental of road bikes. We have several sizes and the bikes are all in a good shape. You only need to bring your cycling clothes and your gloves. We have the helmets, the pedals and even the water bottles.

Different stages

From more or less flat roads (remember, we will be cycling in Catalonia, no real flat roads here) to rolling hills to steep climbs and even real mountains. Everything can be found in Tarragona and Barcelona provinces. For this year, we will skip the real mountains. Yet, check out the stages and you will find out that some of the stages are still very mountainous!